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The page updated June 11, 2014

Maria & Stanislav

Hello Friends!
We are glad to welcome you on a site ours cattery Latlorien. Ours cattery is located in Russia, Perm city. We are engaged to breeding exotic shorthaired cats since 1999, specializes on colors tabby, silver tabby and also variation with white. In year 2003 ours Cattery was registered in CFA. Ours cattery small and we do not contain ours cats in cages, they live with us and are the members of our family. I am grateful to Olga Firsova from cattery LIVE TOY, Natalja Vavilova from cattery NATTAJA, Svetlana Belentsova from cattery RUSLANA, Irina Leonova from cattery LEONMOOR, Irina Gerasimova from cattery WHITE SEAEXO for mine wonderful cats! Periodically we have the kittens available for sale. If you are interested in acquisition of kitten from our cattery or have any questions, contact us on E-mail.
Kind regards,
Maria and Stanislav Novoselsky